Thanks for checking in. My name is David Alger. I’m the founder of this project. I am also the owner of the Thumbtack Bugle Street Team and Oakland’s Improv Theater: Pan.

My purpose for launching the SF School of Copywriting is to provide a place where business owners and professionals can come together to learn and practice the art of copywriting.

I had originally considered learning directly from a copywriting coach, but I realized that there may be others interested in learning the art. So putting two and two together I decided to start a school where myself and others could come together and learn.

The copywriting courses at SFSC will be kept small to provide a sense of community and freedom in communicating. My goal is to create a place to where you can learn, share and network. It will be a place like the bar, Cheers. A place where everyone will know each other and support each other.

I’m excited by this process. We’ve got some amazing people interested in teaching. We also keep resumes on file for those that love to teach and have experience both teaching and writing marketing copy (you can mail a resume here).

Check the video to the right to see the type of work we’ll focus on. We want to do work that can evoke an emotional response. We want to create work that can help create a response.

We’ve got some really good articles on the site. Read them so you can improve your copy today. Our goal is to continue to add more great resources on copy, advertising, and marketing.


David Alger